Frequently Asked Questions

You certainly do not need to be a software developer that is why we are here for you,focus on your need,we will deliver what you require and guide you through the usage process and explain every details to you..

To give you a precise answer on how much time it will take,we need to prepare a scope and budget,then we can tell you how many of that scope will be completed within a certain period of time..

We evaluate the result every two weeks ,we test our work ,we present it to you,we apply your feedback so that you can get what you are paying for..

The moment the application is tested and working perfectly as required,apart from delivering a finished product,we are ready to provide you with technical support,app maintenace and upgrade when the need arise..

We have more than 10 Years of business experience.we've worked with and completed projects for leading retailers,insurance companies,Accounting ,Auto mobile companies,hospitals,Educational systems and many more..

If not satisfied with the work we will organise a meeting and ways to solve them properly in the shortest time available Although this may not happen because the product will be tested okay before it is delivered..

The application can be alligned with another application, Integration will be done using API if you need to..

Yes,the application can be used for a company wih different branches,the application is multi-company,multi divison and at the same time multi-departments..

The company services comprises of Accounting software,Health,Education,payroll,insurance and many more..

At powersoft our core technology services are develop by in house developer,everyone on the team is supported and continue to grow and develop..

Our quality assurance engineers are involve from the beginning of the project,they are responsible for creating test scenarios,providing testing throughout the development phase and ensuring the test document is kept up to date as the product changes.Depending on the agreed strategy with the client,we provide comprehensive question and answer for backend and frontend,including manual and automated testing..